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Which is the best Relationship in the World and why?

which relationship is best

Which is the best relationship in the world

Friendship is the ever best relationship in the world.

Throughout our life, we build a lot of relationships like mom, dad, bro, sister, uncle aunty, grandma and grandpa, and soo more.

However, we all have more relationships but we can’t share all of our happiness, feelings, sadness, and also problems with us but we can share all this with our friends. Friendship is a close association between two people sharing their expressions. 

While our relationship is with good friends can be supportive and encouraging and they can help you achieve your goals.

There are different kinds of friends we all have on a handful of close friends and having lots of general friends.

If you have a friend you don’t feel lonely and when you spend time with your friends your stress can be reduced.

But we are having friends in different places like school friends, college friends, office friends, bus friends, native friends and more but these all are not the same. We all know the phrase is “ FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED”.

friendship is the best relationship in the world

Differents between Good and Toxic Friends 

Do you think he/she is a true friend to you how you can find it?

Good friend: They celebrate your success and promotion whatever get or buy a new thing they call or meet to say hey you are doing well congratulation.

The toxic friends are jealous of your achievement and success.

A good friend will guide you to become successful or help to overcome your problems.

Toxic friends, they don’t help you.

Good friends know the importance of your alone time like meditation, travelings when we need private space, and more.

Toxic friends, occupy your all-time even if you feel to move on a private space.


These are are the major reason why friendship is the best relationship in the world. To build a more friends circle.

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