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Instagram Reels mistakes you should need to avoid

You know why your reels are not getting views and sometimes you getting views but why you don’t get any followers or any engagements? 

Actually what happens to your reels if you are struggling to get views and engagement? Oh! Guys, you are in right place in this blog post I will reveal the behind scene of what happened to your Instagram reels and the mistakes you should need avoid in your Instagram account.

This is the hard truth Everyone wants more followers and more reach but not all are focused on strategic ways and they don’t provide good content.

Without a strategical way, without quality content then your hard work is waste of time.

Nature is most of us want to grow they want to skip all the fundamental steps to grow quickly which actually hurts them in the long run because they end up having to go back anyway after realizing something’s not working and maybe that’s why you’re here.

Know your conversion rate

Before you get or even try to do anything to grow your Instagram account you need to know what is your current conversion rate. The conversion rate will allow you to know the percentage of people that are clicking the follow button after visiting your profile.

(Number of followers / Number of profile visits)*100 

This formula helps you to find your current conversion rate.

If your account has more than a 10% conversion rate you’re probably in a right place and you are growing your account rightly and you are doing a simple common mistake like not being consistent, no brand color, not giving value in your content.

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The common Instagram reels mistakes that every one doing right now

  1. Not posting consistently
  2. Don’t use a brand color
  3. Publishing random posts 
  4. Your reels are boring 
  5. Don’t use trending sounds
  6. Posting content randomly 
  7. Without strategic way

You must need to avoid these common mistakes to get more views on your reels and you can easily grow your account.

What you can do when your conversion rate is below 10% and even if having 5% or 6% you are in the wrong place with your account.

If you are starting a new business with Instagram which is super awesome read this article fully to build your brand

Let’s talk about some strategic ways that give more views to your Instagram reels and also which increase your conversion rate.

5 Strategic ways to get more views on Instagram Reels

These 5 strategies help me to increase my conversion rate and also help to reach more people.

1. Niche

The very first and basic fundamental is you are not focusing on your  Niche.  Literally one of the biggest reasons is you are not working on your niche. In some cases, you are getting viral on your reels but you don’t get any followers because the reason is the niche. You are not posting content in your niche. 

Select a specific niche where your targeted audience is.  

For example, Learning QnA is a free platform where you can learn Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and also How to Make Money Online. And you can’t find any other topics so thsi is a niche targeted platform.

Select a perfect niche that suits you and learn more about your niche and keep updating your knowledge on what is new in your niche.

2. What and why Brand color and Logo

Why is brand color Important? Because brand color helps people can find is this is your post without seeing your Instagram username. I have already talked about brand color, how to choose it and how it works in my 8 ways to grow Instagram organically blog post.

3. You Don’t Publish content consistently

Your reels views do not convert into followers but by getting more views you can get more profile visits. What actually happens when you consistently pushing more reels doesn’t have to mean that you are posting every day but it does mean that you have a schedule and you stick to that schedule you being consistent. Try to publish 3 to 5 new reels every week.

Don’t demotivate after publishing 10 to 15 reels and thinking like this method does not work The more reels you post the more people will want to binge your content when they find your video on the last page.

I know that publishing posts daily is hard, So use the schedule to schedule your post and you are consistent.

4. You are not Updating in knowledge

If you learn some skill like Social media marketing in the past 2 years but now today all are completely changed and if you are teaching what you learned in your past then people think reading your content or watching your reels is a waste of time.

Keep updating your knowledge each and every day and do research more about your niche and learn new tips and tricks.

Do some case study to analyze your niche and if you get success teach them and also even if you fail in your case study teach your audience to don’t do that.

5. Optimize your reels 

If you want to get more views and reach you need to optimize your reels when you are uploading How to go viral on Instagram reels? 

  1. Use Trending sound
  2. Use Hashtags
  3. Use captions
  4. Add call to action
  5. Tag your Instagram ID
  6. Add caption in your reels video

In reels, you can add valuable content within a short period of time like a maximum of 25sec.


If you need to be successful and want to grow your Instagram account the one skill you must need to develop is to keep patience. You don’t grow your account with millions of followers which takes some time and don’t lose your hope.

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