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7 Successful Instagram Business Ideas to Start Now

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Making money or Starting a successful business with Instagram is a good one. 7 Instagram Business Ideas that you can start today without having high budgets. Starting a Business using Instagram is worth it? How to start a business on Instagram? Are we really generating passive income using Instagram?

What is Instagram?

I know all of you know about what Instagram is. You think that is only an entertaining platform but it’s not true it’s a place where you can start your business or you build a brand. And the fact is 60% of Instagram users come for finding new products. And it has over a billion monthly users. So, you can start a business on Instagram. Let’s scroll Below.

srart freelancing with instagram

1.Selling Service On Instagram

Selling a service is like freelancing. If you are a good graphic designer or a Social Media expert, it is awesome. Because most of the Instagram influencers and Businesses or someone who wants to grow their account needs some freelancer to manage their account.

As a Graphic Designer, you can personally DM some branding accounts and show your design to them or create a sample design that they ask to get your orders. And this Instagram business ideas you need to learn some extra skills.

2. Make money with Sponsored

Making money with sponsored ads is a great way to earn Instagram. The only thing is you need to build your community with at least 10k followers. If you have more than 10k it’s superb you can earn more. In starting you can fix $5 per story. 

3. Sell your Product with Instagram

If you have any products which mean you made something you can sell your Product with Instagram. How? You can use Instagram 2 ways (Run advertisement and Grow Your Instagram Account). If you run ads campaigns with Instagram you can easily target your audience and you can get sales. If you go to the Free method which means you need to grow your Account Organically.

4. Blogging

Blogging you know what it is or you may hear blogging on any social media? Now blogging is a way that you can generate a passive income. You can earn multiple ways with blogging like(advertising, Affiliate marketing, Sponsored ads, Guest post, and subscription, and more…).

Starting blogging is not a free method, you need to invest a little bit for buying a domain and hosting. 

Create reels or single posts about your new blog post to drive traffic and earn.

5. Drop shipping

I recently tested this method on my Instagram account. It is amazing. How to Start Dropshipping?

You can go to Alibaba or Aliexpress to buy a low-cost product and go to amazon and create a seller account. Once you create then list your post with a low margin before launching your product do some competitor research how your competitor adds keywords and how much the product price and more.

After you do that, list your product on Amazon. 

How to get sales on your products.

You can create reels that show how your product helps. And use some hashtags to get more views on your reels and also you can generate sales on your product.

affiliate marketing with insta

6. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing with Instagram is the same as drop shipping but in affiliate marketing, you don’t need to buy a product or sell a product you can just promote that product to earn a commission. Already I publish some articles about How to Start Affiliate Marketing. Go and check it.

7. Collaboration

Making money with Instagram collaboration is a little hard because you need at least 25k followers on your account. This is not an exact number because brands want to collaborate to grow their business so they can move only big accounts.  You can grow your account organically without any promotion.

This is the method that helps me to make money with Instagram you go and research some about how Instagram algorithms work how to get more views on your reels.

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