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How to sell canva Templates and how to make money

make money with canva templates

Probably you think about how to sell canva templates and make money through them? If you are a good canva designer and you don’t know how to sell your canva templates? I’m here to help guide you to sell your canva template designs.

If you need to pay your bills or if you want to leave your 9 to 5 job in that case you need to start an online business. I speak about how you create and sell canva templates online and make a passive income

What canva template is?

Canva’s templates provide a shortcut to good design: which is fully customizable and we can edit everything in that template like color, image text font, and more.

Most influencers and entrepreneurs need graphic designers to create their social media content so they hire some designers. Now a day canva is a well-known graphic design tool you can use to create mind-blowing designs.

Who buys our canva templates?

Be clear about what type of templates people mostly use and which one they need, now a day most social media marketers and influencers, and businesses want to make their work easier and faster so they buy ready-made templates I mean canva templates. 

New businesses and influencers spend a lot more time designing templates for their branding but creating templates take some time so they can buy pre-made templates and use them. 

Which template do you want to create?

Before selling your templates you need to research which template people want and you need to improve your designing skill. 

Note: you don’t need to be a graphic designer and it’s not hard to design a template. Canva is a user-friendly tool so as a newbie you create beautiful templates but one thing before I told you that you need to improve your designing skill.

Go and signup for canva for free.

You can use CANVA for free. 

Last February 23, 2021 canva allow free users can share their design as a template. 

What special in canva pro? In the pro version, we get a lot of additional features as designer and canva users. Go and sign up for canva pro and get a 30-day free trial pack.

Canva Template Ideas that people want

  • Instagram carousel template
  • Insta stories template
  • Instagram post template
  • Pinterest pin templates
  • Pinterest story template
  • Youtube thumbnails
  • Webinar banner templates
  • Daily planners
  • Budgets planner
  • Food planner
  • Zoom meeting background templates

How to sell your Canva templates?

You can sell your templates in many ways like creating your own website and sell, providing a freelancing service, listing your templates on Etsy, advertising your templates, and many more below I mention how you can get your audience for free.

How to create a website for selling canva templates?

You can create a website for selling the canva templates you need to invest some money. For why? Buying a domain and hosting to create a website. You install WordPress on your hosting and start building a website. 

Why do I recommend WordPress to build your website? WordPress has an easy and user-friendly interface, you can create a website without having coding knowledge a lot of free themes and plugins are available to use it to make a good website. If you are not comfortable with that you can hire a freelancer to build an online store website.

How to sell your canva template on Etsy store

Etsy is the biggest online marketplace where you can sell both physical and digital products. Go and sign up Etsy seller account. Once you sign up you can create your Etsy store and add a unique store name, add your logo and cover image after completing is steps.

Next, choose your payout method for how you get paid like PayPal choose PayPal and enter your PayPal username. 

Then complete these all steps, let’s time to list your canva templates in your Etsy store. Before listing a product do some keyword research and analyze how your competitor lists their canva templates and what keyword they use to rank.

How to promote your canva templates

If you choose this method you need to invest some money in advertising. Use Google ads or Instagram ads to promote your canvas templates. Before running an ads campaign learn some basic how the ads campaign run and how to optimize for your preference.

How to sell your canva template for free

Probably if you don’t have money or if you are a student let me tell you some unique way but when you use this you need to be patient once you grow you can get a ton and thins of sales. It’s very for the beginning stage. Go and create an Instagram page where you can show your work and dm people in your niche and engage with them. You check my post on how to grow Instagram followers organically in that post I briefly taught step by step.


Make money selling canva template are a good method but the realistic one is you must design a template creatively and eye-catching design.

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