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How To Go Viral On Instagram

4 power full way to go viral on instagram

I know creating quality is not an easy step after you publish your post it will not go viral you think this was a waste of time. So today in this article I will reveal the 4 secrets tips that will help you to go viral on Instagram.

1. Find Trending reels music to Go viral on Instagarm

Go to the reels page just scroll a few videos and you can easily find what is trending on instagram just click that video in the bottom left corner you’ll see the music name just click that and save that audio to your library.

Whenever you publish a new content use that trending music it will surely help you to get more views to your content.

use trending music to go viral on instagram

How to Do it.

  • Click the + icon to select reels
  • Next select what you what to upload
  • Nen click the preview button
  • Next in above you’ll see the music icon click that
  • Then click Add
  • You ‘ll see the saved button in above click that to select your audio to use 

2. Use Bold Text to Get more Engagement to your Post

Whatever you create like post, carousel image or reels add a big text that indicates what’s inside of your post or write an actionable headline like(ex: Want to grow on instagram, why you Don’t get more views, stop doing this… and more). 

add text

Adding Actionable text which increases your engagement when you get more engagement instagram automatically knows your content is valuable so it suggests more people. 

And also when you go viral on instagram your account will grow automatically. Follow this Instagram master guide to your instagram account organically.

3.  Use Right Hashtags to Go Viral 

What is Hashtags work?? YES

Using hashtags to boost your content. How? 

A lot of us use hashtags wrongly, that is the only reason why they are not growing. Use hashtag funnel strategy. 

  1. 10 topic related hashtags
  2. 5 ranked hashtags
  3. Add 5 niche related hashtags
  4. 5 business hashtags
  5. 2 brand keywords

Follow the above keyword strategy to give up your content growth. You can also use some free tools to find the right hashtags to use. Using a hashtag tool will help you to know the volume of the hashtag and also it will generate related hashtags.

4. Quality Content is a key to Go viral

Creating random content will not help you to go viral on instagram. Creating original and valuable content is probably one the effective way to go viral on instagram. 

 How to create quality content

  1. Your content will solve your audience queries
  2. Create content  what trending on your niche
  3. Give some tips that will help your audience
  4. Teach step by step to grow up
  5. Teach what don’t do
  6. Entertain with your content

Use these tips to create quality content. Analyse which is the perfect time to post your content. Use instagram insight to know that. And learn more about your niche and keep engaging with your followers.

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