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8 Proven Steps to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

how to grow your instagram followers organically

If you are new to Instagram and don’t know how to grow your Instagram account organically. Nowadays many of us start Instagram to grow our business and influence. But one thing is why you need to grow your Instagram account organically of course you can grow your account in different ways (Grow organically, buying followers and follow/unfollow method).

First, remember that why do people follow you? If you grow your account without an organic-like (paid service) keep in mind if you presented valuable content to people that they follow their passion but if you grow your account without organic which is waste because they are random followers and their passions are different than yours.

If you grow organically you can get followers within your niche and people comes for only because they think your account has valuable content and they are engaged with you. But growing organically is not a skyrocket method that takes a little bit of time to grow but it’s more valuable you can easily promote your brand.

1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

This is the very first step is to make sure your Instagram account is fully optimized with SEO.

Why do we need to optimize our profile? If you don’t add a Bio, caption, profile picture then how your audience knows about your brand or anything. So add the right username and profile picture. If you are a brand add your brand logo or If you are an influencer add your profile picture.

optimizing profile will help people to know who you are

After you complete this Next move to optimize your Bio. In this section write exactly what you do or write about your brand how can you help and what are you doing and who are you. And finally, add your website link or landing page or add your product link in the link box which will help people to know your brand.

2. Create Your Brand Color

What is brand color? Brand color is a key that visually helps people to know easily if this is your brand. Brand color contains 4 to 8 different color pallets. You can use your brand color to design your post stories or anything visually.

create a brand colour

How to create a brand color? Now a lot of free online tools are available to choose the correct brand color for your brand. Once you pick your color palette, save that.

3. How To Create A valuable Post

This is one of the key points to growing your Instagram account organically. First of all, you need to be sure what you’re posting on your account because people don’t like boring content and they don’t like old content.

So make sure what people exactly want and what is currently trending in your niche. How do you find what people want and which is trending? Follow your competitor and use Google Trends to find which is trending on google. Don’t randomly create a post that is not in your niche and don’t post unwanted content, create a post that is related to your niche and add more value. 

How to post correctly on Instagram?

There are two different types of posts on Instagram

  • Single image post
  • Carousels post

If you publish a single image post, keep notice that you need to tell quickly what you want to say. (Ex: If my niche is Instagram growth – content: which time is perfect for scheduling).

If you publish a carousel which is amazing because people want to learn more within a short time, create your carousels with your brand color and explain in step by step what you come to tell. Below you’ll see what exactly a carousel is. and this will help you to grow organically on Instagram because the carousel helps people to find or learn something new.

how to create corusel image

4. Add Caption

Before diving into writing an Instagram caption, Instagram shortens your caption and it shows only 2 or 3 lines in the feed. So you can write a useful and important detail in the first 2 lines and add a call to action.

write caption to your post

Adding a caption which will help the Instagram algorithm to know what you publish and Instagram suggests to people who are related to that. And also this helps people to know more about. So add a detailed caption and add a call to action. This will help you to get more engagement.

5. How to Add Hashtag?

A lot of us think the Instagram hashtag strategy doesn’t work but that’s wrong the hashtag strategy is really helping you to grow your account. In my case, I recently tested this method using a hashtag in my posts which helps me more to grow my account and reach more audiences. 

how the hashtag will help you to grow

How to add a hashtag correctly? I personally use google keyword planner to find a hashtag for my posts. How can you do that? Go to google keyword planner add your keyword and find which keyword got more search volume copy that and paste it to your caption section. Add a maximum of 10 to 12 hashtags which is enough and don’t add too many hashtags. And also you can use some online tools to generate Hashtag like H-supertools this website allows you to generate hashtags to your keyword

6. How to Schedule Your Instagram Post?

How does scheduling posts help? A lot of people don’t like to create a post and publish it daily. You can create a post for one week which takes a minimum of 2 hours.

The Instagram algorithm is changed to show what users are like. And posting consistently will improve your reach and engagements. Scheduling a post at right time, I mean when your audience is using Instagram you can get more visible.

schedule your instagram post using facebook studio

Once you create your post go to the Facebook studio which has a scheduling option you can use for free. Scheduling posts you don’t need to post every day you can add your one-week post in scheduling that automatically publishes your post you can save more time.

7. Consistent

Which is more important to grow your account. If you publish a post randomly at any time that does not work. Being consistent, mean creating a minimum of 3 – 4 posts per week and that you need to add valuable content in your post or carousel. 

8. Engage With Your Followers

Follow these steps and be patient this post will solve your doubt (how to grow Instagram followers organically)

Instagram has different types of engagement like ( like, comment, share and save). When your followers add a new comment Reply to it soon because it helps to improve your trust and also helps the Instagram algorithm to know what your post is.

Sometimes they come to a direct message to ask some doubts about your brand or something else you can solve their queries which build your trust with your audiences.

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