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5 Steps Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Strategy to Make Money

make money with pinterest affiliate marketing

Maybe if you are a beginner or newbie in Affiliate Marketing and using pinterest. I hope this guide will help how to do affiliate marketing with pinterest. A lot of newbies are facing the fact that they don’t get any sale. The only reason is they don’t know how to drive traffic to their affiliate link and what steps to do.

Today’s you learn how to do affiliate marketing with pinterest and get a passive income.

Here is the 5 step process to success on Affiliate marketing with pinterest

1. What is Pinterest and How to use

Pinterest is an awesome platform for Affiliate marketers and Bloggers and also a Business. In another word, Pinterest has tons of  “buying” traffic that is always purchasing and researching a product so this was a good place for Affiliate marketers.

how to use pinterest

The interesting facts about pinterest is that more than 72% of pinterest users are Womens and over 83% of users do purchase after reading a brand’s pins or content. 

And also you can use pinterest to drive traffic to your website. So getting results depends on how you use it.

Go and search something about like (ex: Best web hosting) a lot of us already make a content about so you go check it how they create the content and how they create their pins. After you research, we move to the next step.

2. How to pick a right product

A lot of us made mistakes in choosing a product because people can choose produce randomly without a target. So first you need to choose a niche. Niche means nothing but a specific topic like(health and fitness, Dating, online tools, and more).

Pick the right niche ( for my opinion you can select digital products like email marketing service, Blogging tools.and more.). 

choose correcet affiliate product

The important thing is to pick a high paying affiliate product because if you pick low paying product that will generate a low revenue.


  • 1$ * 10 sale = you earn a 10$
  • 50$ * 10 sale = you earn a 500$

Some Affiliate programs I listed below which paying decent amount and lot of want this 

  • Ahref
  • SendinBlue
  • GetResponmds
  • Tailwind
  • SMresh
  • Bluehost
  • Skilshare 
  • Udemy

3. Create a Pin for Pinterest 

When you publish your first pin without an optimization or without image quality which does not grow. You need to spend some time to create pinterest pin images. I use “Canva” which is one the best graphic design tool. you can use it to create a quality and highly conversion pin image. 

canva to design pinterest pins

Create a pin image with 3D elements, bold text,create an image with 1:2 ratio size and add a keyword to this image.

Canva has a lot of free pinterest pin templates available you can easily acces that or if you have a design knowledge create a unique template for your brand.

4. Upload Image for Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Before uploading your pins image Do some keyword research about what you choose to promote. Use google keywords planner to do keyword research or use pinterest keyword planner to research.

Don’t pick a single word keyword, choose a long tail keyword with minimum 500k search volume.

how to upload pinterest pins

The simple steps to upload a pinterest pin image

  1. Upload your pin image
  2. Add a title with your keyword
  3. Write a short description with your keyword 
  4. Add some hashtags in the description 
  5. 5 Add a alt text
  6. Add you your link in the destination box

5. Keep Consistency and patience

This is not a sky rocket method to become rich quickly. You need to be patience and keep uploading content consistently.

A lot of us simply upload a single pin and they are told they won’t make money and they think this is a waste of time.

Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy

You need to know one thing: affiliate marketing is one of the best passive income methods and this is a realistic way to generate passive income.

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